Online Collaboration

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Communication technology today allows miraculous things to occur. It allows people who have never even met each other in person collaborate in real-time to create and edit digital products around the world. This can be of enormous educational benefit, particularly when it allows students with common interests but at different schools (around the world!) to collaborate on real-world projects. However, the technology is still “clunky”.  There are still too many different apps, programs, and formats to work seamlessly together.  There are still too many bugs and technical limitations that vary from location to location to make online collaboration “easy”.  And it takes a certain, specific kind of project management with specific technological skills  to make online collaborations to be effective. Certainly “group projects” are difficult enough in-person and real-time! Adding distance, technological differences, and potentially time differences only complicates things further! All this still feels new to me.  The capabilities and possibilities of the technology are still new to me.  And, if technology keeps pace, will continue to be!  However, I find the possibilities and challenges of online digital collaboration an interesting challenge and an interesting experiment.

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